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This beautifully written memoir is part thriller, part love story, part Cold War history.  The Inconvenient Journalist was written by Louise Branson after illness prevented her spouse Dusko Doder from finishing it. It centers on a Cold War Moscow night as the two journalists -- Doder with the Washington Post, Branson with the London Sunday Times -- were embarking on their lifelong love affair. Doder scooped the world and the CIA with a report of the Soviet leader's death. Cold War-style revenge took the form of a CIA-sourced story in Time Magazine suggesting Doder had been a KGB spy. He won damages and an apology in court. But the smear changed his and Branson's lives. This important book about the price of reporting the truth and of love enduring through injustice is timely as journalism is under attack and reporting from Russia invites new perils.

"Dusko Doder and Louise Branson ... write this memoir ... in a way that's raw, vulnerable, moving,." Eileen Rivers, author of Beyond the Call.

"This story ... is a cautionary tale ... told with honesty and courage." -- Susan Page, Washington bureau chief of USA Today and author of Madam Speaker.



This probing biography, written by two veteran Moscow correspondents, illuminates the life of Mikhail Gorbachev in a way which penetrates both the character of the man, and that of the nation he sought to reform.


"...Convey(s) a sense of excitement attending the most intriguing political drama of our time". --The New York Times Book Review.


-- A Washington Post bestseller.

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In this first full-length biography of the late Yugoslav leader, veteran foreign correspondents Dusko Doder and Louise Branson paint a disturbing portrait of a cunning politician who did not shy from fomenting wars and double-crossing enemies and allies alike in his ruthless pursuit of power. 

--"With the hardened realism that comes from years of journalism ... Doder and Branson have written a vivid and scathing biography of ... Milosevic." -- Publishers Weekly.

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