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Are you finally ready to write that memoir, book, op-ed or personal essay?

Do it with me. I will take you from idea to finished manuscript or publishable op-ed or personal essay. My strategies and coaching WORK. Why me? Because I am a widely published writer -- of books, and of essays and op-eds in dozens of publications and on NPR. Because for decades, I was an  award-winning editorial writer and journalist at the London Sunday Times and USA TODAY. Because I am a certified writing coach. AND I have helped countless writers get published.


​"When I began working with Louise, I had all but given up on my memoir. I have now written the book I always wanted to. She understood my emotional journey, helped me find my story’s core themes, shape its narrative arc, and get it on the page. She is a warm, tough editor and coach with a wonderful gift for storytelling.” – Susan Donaldson James, former ABC journalist​​​​.

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