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The Inconvenient Journalist is a beautifully written memoir that is part John le Carre thriller, part love story, part Cold War history.


The Inconvenient Journalist revolves around a frigid February Moscow night in 1984 when Dusko Doder, the Washington Post bureau chief, reported signs Soviet leader Yuri Andropov had died. US intelligence agencies, told of this by Post editors, scoffed that “Doder must be smoking pot.” But he was correct. The Post and other world media ran stories questioning how the multibillion-dollar US spy agencies had missed the signs picked up by a lone reporter. Doder's aggressive reporting from Moscow also often proved more accurate than that of US intelligence. 


Cold War-style revenge came years later, in the shape of a false story cleverly insinuated into Time magazine, suggesting Doder had been coopted by the KGB. A Who’s Who of American journalism protested to Time and Doder sued Time in court. He eventually won damages and an apology and exposed the details and sources of the smear. But the personal cost was high.


With more journalists than ever under attack today, The Inconvenient Journalist is a timely cautionary tale.

“Anyone who cares about journalism and democracy will find The Inconvenient Journalist fascinating. Dusko Doder and Louise Branson recount Doder’s career as a foreign correspondent, and his battles with the CIA, in a way that’s raw, vulnerable, moving, and unpretentious.”
Eileen Rivers, author of Beyond the Call and founding editor of USA Today’s Policing the USA

“Dusko Doder, during his journalistic career, witnessed epoch-shaping events from the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia to the violent breakup of his native Yugoslavia. The Inconvenient Journalist is a beautifully written memoir—a magical combination of spy thriller, love story, and historical drama. A bravura performance, both on and off the page!”
Michael Dobbs, former Washington Post correspondent and author of King Richard 
“The Inconvenient Journalist is a riveting appraisal of a journalist’s life. Dusko Doder worked fiendishly hard reporting what the Soviets didn’t want Americans to know. The price Doder paid for those truths is estimated with passion in these pages.”
Craig R. Whitney, former foreign correspondent for the New York Times and author of Spy Trader 
“The Inconvenient Journalist is a thriller from the opening sentence to the closing words. This story of how the CIA apparently tried to destroy the career of a Washington Post foreign correspondent is a cautionary tale, told by Dusko Doder with honesty and courage.“
Susan Page, Washington Bureau Chief of USA TODAY and author of Madam Speaker