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Getting clear on your idea is essential for writing (and finishing!) your memoir, op-ed or personal essay. And yet many writers begin writing without a solid idea of where they are headed.  Using proven strategies, I will guide you to clarity and can save you weeks or months of writing and thinking in circles. 


HOW IT WORKS: We discuss your idea in a 15-minute phone call. I give you a series of written questions to answer and send you written feedback and suggestions. We then discuss the feedback in a 30-minue phone call. After this step, you will be clear on what you want to write and your path forward. 



Ah, but what if you are clear on your idea but not on how to write a whole book of around 60,000 words or more? Step Two of memoir coaching with me involves working on a blueprint -- rather like an architectural blueprint for a house. Without this deeply-thought-out blueprint you can end up with the writing equivalent of grand staircases to nowhere and a lot of frustration. The memoir blueprint will help you think more deeply about what you want to say and how to get your vision onto the page. Once you have nailed your blueprint, you will be able to write forward with confidence and plenty of flexibility to incorporate new insights and inspiration along the way. 


HOW IT WORKS:  Every week for three months you will complete guided work from me and get detailed written feedback. We will hold monthly 45-minute coaching phone calls.




Now for the process of writing the book with your blueprint as your guide. Let me be your writing coach and accountability partner, always by your side, always keeping you on track. I will provide feedback on craft and content, and plenty of encouragement when the going gets tough. 


HOW IT WORKS: You submit up to 10 pages of new or revised material every week. I send you detailed written comments and guide you on writing forward or revising. We hold monthly 45-minute coaching phone calls. 


Ah, but how to translate your idea into a full op-ed or personal essay? 

Step Two for Op-Ed or Personal Essay coaching with me is to structure, write and polish your work for publication.

HOW IT WORKS: Every week for up to one month you complete guided work from me. I give you detailed written feedback and one 30-minute coaching phone call.




Have you completed a manuscript (bravo!) but don’t know if it is any good? I can provide you with a comprehensive editorial assessment. I will tell you what is and is not working and what revisions may be needed. Note: this is a big-picture assessment, not a line edit.


All pages must be in standard 12-point Times New Roman font, with one-inch margins on all sides on 11 x 8.5 inch pages.




Want to land an agent but don’t know where to start? The Agent Pitch Package is for you. I will help you put together the required synopsis and query letter, compile a deeply researched list of best-fit agents and develop a strategic pitch plan. This package is reserved for clients whose manuscripts I have evaluated or who have completed their manuscript during Book-in-Progress Coaching with me. 



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